Mifflinburg Bank and Trust Co.

Location: Milton, Pa

This project is located on Mahoning Street in Milton, Pa. This job required stock piling topsoil on site and the hauling of about 2500 cubic yards of materials off site. Installation of the storm water collection boxes and piping on site and connecting to an existing storm water box across Mahoning Street. In order to get the storm pipe across the road, we had to locate and move the water main in the street. The installation of a retaining wall took place in the back of the project along an ally. The excavation for the retaining wall included the placement of 2A subbase that was compaction tested to ensure the wall will never settle. The concrete block wall was put up one row at a time and immediately back filled to spec. Drains and fabric behind the wall were also installed. The ally above was then demolished and prepped for new pavement. 2A stone was placed and rolled for pavement prep and curbs were prepped as well.